How It Works

The Better Man Challenge provides an opportunity for you to break the habits of an unhealthy lifestyle through the power of prayer, fitness, and fraternity. Together, we strive to give glory to God in our efforts to become the men, husbands, and fathers we are meant to be – the better man.

Our 3 Pillars


The motto of St. Benedict was ora et labora (work and pray), which serves as a constant reminder that our way of living ought to be a constant rhythm of prayer. We all experience the chaos of a busy day, but those of us who immerse ourselves in chaos without the aid of prayer become fodder for the enemy who St. Peter says is “like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8).

Through persistent effort and accountability, the Better Man Challenge attempts to instill the importance of a daily prayer routine. As a member of a challenge group, we ask you to commit any of the following:

  • Engage in spiritual reading of some kind, e.g., the Bible, lives of the saints, etc.
  • Daily Mass
  • Daily Holy Hour or a minimum of 15 minutes of daily prayer
  • Daily Rosary
  • Pray the Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office)
  • ...or any other sort of spiritual devotion.

If the only prayer you can muster on a given day is a glance at a crucifix, recalling a quote from a saint that sticks with you, or offering something up in a spirit of love for God, then you know you’re moving in the right direction. The success of the Better Man Challenge hinges upon Christ at the center of all that we do, whether its nutrition, exercise, or serving our families.


We’ve all heard that a regular exercise regimen paired with a balanced diet is the key to weight loss and healthy living. However, fitness without proper nutrition is like a high octane engine running on low octane fuel – it simply doesn’t work. 

You’ll be paired with a complete fitness and nutrition program that you can do from the comfort of your home, and matches with your goals and specific needs. This is not a diet, and it’s not complicated. We’re going to teach you how to eat clean, healthy, delicious food that will clear out the brain fog, rid you of that afternoon nap feeling, and shed the pounds off your waistline.

Fraternity & Accountability

A brotherhood that holds you accountable is an essential aspect of the Christian life as St. Paul exhorts us in Galatians 6:2, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Surrounding yourself with other men of faith who share similar values, ambitions, and struggles creates a rich soil for growth and personal development. Undeniably, there’s great strength in the common brotherhood of men who commit themselves to a common cause, they become virtually unstoppable.

In the 1996 film, “White Squall,” Chuck Gieg (played by a young Scott Wolf) summarily expresses the kind of fraternal spirit we hope to cultivate in our groups: 

Some of us are here for discipline, some for escape. And the rest don’t even know why. I’m not sure where I fit in, but I can see a small piece of myself in each of them. I think I’ll have friends here, and I hope this will be home.

As you embark on the Better Man Challenge our hope and prayer for you is that you see a piece of yourself in those within your group, make friends, and feel right at home.

To stay accountable to those within your group we strongly encourage the following: 

  • Daily check-ins through a private, dedicated app used to share our faith, food, sweat, blood and tears, with no judgment!
  • Attend weekly webinars to pray together, encourage growth, share victories or struggles, and nurture the fraternal spirit.
  • Share insights you've learned through your spiritual reading or in your daily prayer either through a text, photo or video message.